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FlashLVL, in addition to its optimized database and highly efficient memory management system, its built-in hierarchical and parallel layout comparison capabilities offer the best performance and capacity in comparing two different layouts. By integration with full-custom and mixed-signal IC design platforms, FlashLVL efficiently locates the differences, reducing verification time and improving productivity.

Key Benefits:

  • Often an order of magnitude faster than other layout comparison tools
  • Ideal for checking the correctness of design and IP revisions
  • Fast comparison for operations like Dummy Fill and IP Merge
  • Integrated with Aether, Skipper and other popular platforms

Key Features:

  • Supports both hierarchical and flat comparison modes
  • Tolerance option for filtering trivial differences—a capability useful in comparing pre- and post-OPC layouts
  • Options to compare layouts after shrink, magnify, shift or rotate operations
  • Compare-text option for finding label-related issues in layouts
  • Supports GUI and batch modes

Customers' Words


"SkipperTM's unified environment and FlashLVL enhance our productivity dramatically"

- Henry Liu, Director of Design Services

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