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ICScape Inc is an advanced EDA software and Analog IP provider.

ICScape EDA solutions validate and improve design quality and accelerate major design tasks:

  • ClockExplorerTM is a rule based SoC clock sign-off and sign-in which enable better clock quality and shorter timing closure cycle.
  • QualibTM is a comprehensive IP / standard cell library QA platform.
  • TimingExplorerTM is a 16nm and below tape-out proven placement and routing aware timing closure solution.
  • SkipperTM is an one-stop layout review, analysis and IP protection platform.
  • ALPSTM is a parallel true SPICE to accelerate post layout simulation.

ICScape also offers silicon proven Analog IPs for most of commonly used high speed interfaces including SATA, PCIE, USB, DDR, and HDMI/MHL.

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